Ths page is about what I call the old family yet it is a blend of the young family into the old but the accent in on the old famly. I have blended our Park family in after the Gray's. The two family's had mcuh in common.

I have found sites of family's who have married into the Gray and Park family's and they are always proud of there Gray or Park ancestries! That is what Sharyn Cederman says on her site 'The Gray Sory', I have a link to Sharyn's site. Also the site 'The Park Network', is another example. I have included a link for this site as well.

The research and work that has going into this page, My Roots has helped me learn so much about my family. We always knew a good bit about the family but there were missing links. Some friends and family helped me compleate the family tree's, I thank Tom Morris, Carlos Owens, Bob Austin and Peter who help me with the technical side and much good advice!

The drawing you see was taken form a photo of the old Gray home place in Henry County on there tobacco farm out form Paris Tennessee; the house stood on a rise and was surrounded by large cedar trees whcih is my favorite evergreen. The colmuns were hexaginal shaped.

Old home place:This was the family home,
on the farm out form Paris,Tenn.

Close to the home was the second Gray family cemetery, the first cemetery laying in Stewart county. You will find information and links to these two cemeteries in paragraphs below. The Gray Family Cemetery is located on what was once land owned by at least three Gray generations.The feeling of a large homestead is still there. The cemetery once fronted with Friendship Road with a majestic bricked wall complete with columns, pediments and stairs up to the cemetery surface.

Unfortunately this wall has fallen forward in the last ten years and is very slowly becoming covered with grass and brush. One would hardly know it was there. The stairs are still in good condition though it can be seen that the ground beneath them is shifting with time. On the top step, the words "Gray Family Cemetery" are engraved. The cemetery is in excellent condition for its age with no broken stones. The Cemetery is also surrounded with big old cedar trees.

Picture of the Gray cenetery in
Henry county.
owner of picture; Curtis & Sue Jackson

Sharyn Kay Cederman created a truly wonderful site, a page of it is entitled 'The Gray Story,' which is about her heritage and the Gray's to whom she is related. Sharyns story is very touching and moveing; she was an intelligent, courageous and beautiful young woman in so many ways! In reading her story I can see that we had ideas in common, I wish I had known her in person!

Sharyn was from New Zealand & Aulstralia, I have traced my ancestry to Aulstralia; even though I have not made a dirrect connection to Sharyn I feel that we could be related. I would have loved to have know her and in reading her writengs on her site I see that we do have much in comman. Her mother was a Gray and looking at her geno it is the same blood line as ours.

The Cederman Web Site Where you will find Sharyn Cedermans story.

See the Complete Gray & Park Ancestry page, going back 34 generations to 1004; I could be the last male form our branch of the tree, until now I have not know any Living Gray realitaves out side of my Immediate family, my 3 sisters. There have been a lot of deaths in my family or family branch of the tree and they usually come in twos, some times with in 24 hours or so. A psychiatrist once said this did not give the family time to grieve as it should.To loose a lot of strong and important famley meambers can alter the course of a family. Some of the deaths I am aware of were a bit mysterious. I think this made our branch of the tree more of a nucleus family.

Robert Gray

Me at age 35.

Did you know that the south was settled by Scottish people and the North and North East by English? My roots are in Scotland. This is because a lot of Scottish were farmers and English were industrialist. Also in Scotland Gray is spelled with an (A) and in England it is spelled with an (E), Grey. This causes a lot of confusion, in the past when I would talk to some one about family and I would say my family is form England, this is what we were told, they would say,"oh, do you spell your name with and e." I would say "no an a," and they would just look at me funny. I always had a felling we were of Scottish heritage; Now I know we have hearitage from Normandy,France to England and Scotland.

This is about Andrew Gray; 1634-1656 The Youngest Puritan. He died, of "Purple Fever" after just two years of ministering the Word to his people in the High Outer Kirk, of Glasgow. Read his life, his works and his praises by maany eminent people, like Robert Traill.

My Gray side of the family is of English and Scottish heritage We go back 34 generations to John Croy Grey born about 1004 in Cory, Picardy, Normandy, France and died in England. He was married to Adella Fitzoszbern 1029. She was born about 1005 in France. Child or John Grey and Adelia is Annold DE Grey,b. 1030, Buckkingshire, England;d. died 1097, Buckkingshire, England.

The spelling of the name changed from Grey to Gray with the children of John Grey who was born in 1225 in Northumberlander, England and died in Boxmouth Roxburgshire, Scotland. His wife is unknon. They had 3 children, Hugh Gray,b 1249, in Boxmouth Roxburgshire, Scotland, Andrew Gray, b. 1253, in Boxmouth Roxburgshire, Scotland, and Thomas Gray, b 1266 in Boxmouth Roxburgshire, Scotland.


My greataunt Willie McClure
who was my grandmother Gray's sister,
Willie married Paul Gray my grandfather's brother.

Aunt Willie was loved by everyone, she was a very caring and giveing person. Willie lived on farm out form Coffeeville, I recall all the buildings being clean and white. She had them white washed every spring. When Willie returned home after a trip into town she would pass candy out to all the children along the way!

Aunt Willie bought a new Ford evey year, when the weather was bad her farm help would hook horses to the front of the Ford and pull it ot the main road and she would take off to Grenad or Coffeeville, occasionally a trip to Memphis.

'Gray House' was built form 1714-1716
and held by the famly until the
nineteenth century.

The Red Castle and Black Jack Castle.

Let me tell you a true story that took place in 1579, it is about the siege of The Red castle. Now The Red Castle was in the same area as The Black Jack Castle. This neighbourly feud arose when the aging Lady Elizabeth Beaton of Red Castle took a younger husband, a Gray cousin called James. He fell in love with her daughter Isobel and was thrown out by his wife. Claiming husband's rights of property over Red Castle, James persuaded his brother Andrew Gray of Black Jack Castle to support him with swords, daggers, guns, lances, axes, bows and arrows and lay seige to The Red Castle. The outer walls soon fell, and Lady Elizabeth was trapped in the tower, where the attackers attempted to smoke her out. Word of the attack soon reached the Scottish government in Stirling who ordered the baillies of Dundee to raise the siege. The ensuing dispute continued without firm action by "the law" for two years, during which time Isobel had a baby and Red Castle was again raided and captured.

The Beaton Crest 'Red Castle' - The Gray Crest 'Black Jack Castle' .

This proved the last straw and the Crown confiscated the lands of Dunninald in 1581 and gifted them to the Esme, Duke of Lennox. In 1582, the Duke was himself banished from Scotland and Andrew Gray forgiven and reinstated. Black Jack is shown on a map of 1678, but was probably too medieval for the younger Grays, who built the second Dunninald around 1590. About 1600, Andrew Gray moved to Ashby in England.

Now this is a good camp fire story to tell the children. It does give one the chance to teach morals and values, but we have to recall life in 1579 was different. I will admit this is a bit embarrassing to me but I think of enough interest to mention, sounds like some very passionate people to me!

As I get more familiar with our family I realize the importance of family names. Frazer Clifton was strong, there was Frazer Clifton I, Frazer Clifton II & Frazer Clifton III, and you find it all through the family with both men and women, either the Frazer or Clifton, I have yet to reasurch these names, I do know the Frazer clan in Scotland was a very powerful and influential, another strong family name is Bradford. James, John and David are very poplar names all through the family. Robert Henry is another, my grandfather Gary wonted me to have the name Robert Herny. He said there had been a Henry in the family every since the beginging. He was well educated and a smart man and loved history. I am like him, Some times I wish that I had been a history teacher.

I would have been Robert Henry III. My Grandfather offered my mother a good bit of money to name me Robert Henry. As I have come to understand it in the old days shall we say the first born boy was named after the father and then if a second son was born he might take his mothers name. I was a third child, I have two older sisters and one younger sister. So under our circumstances I can understand why the naming of me happened like it did. I have my mothers name hence Robert Park.

I recently made the acquaintance of a cousin, John V. Gray by taking a DNA test through Family Tree DNA.

John has a really nice site about the family; A genealogy and famly history.

GrayLanding You may wont to visit John's site.

John told me an interesting story, he said that as a boy he was always told the first Gray to come to the colonies was in line to be the next Arch Bishop of the church of England, he was in sympathy with the poor and hungry. In being so he lost favor with the king who in turn gave him a chose, leave the country or loose your life. Now there have been a lot of Reverends/minsters in the Gray family, maby it is in the blood.

Rosefild plantation,
The home of Colonel John Gray.

ROSEFIELD, Windsor, NC- a plantation house on the edge of Windsor, it is still owned by descendants of John Gray, who acquired the land in 1729. The frame house is one of the few 18th c. houses in the region whose builder is documented. It began as a small house: 3-bay section to the east, 2 storied with a single room and a passage on each floor, finished in simple Georgian style. It was built by Gilbert Leigh, who in 1786 contracted with Stevens Gray to build the 28 x 18 foot house "to be done in a good workmanlike manner what belongs to a carpenter and Joiner." Leigh, a master builder active in Edenton and the Albemarle area, may also have executed the 2-story, 2-bay addition a few years later. The house has grown with subsequent generations of the Gray family. The front porch and a 2-story rear ell were added in 1855. A family cemetery and outbuildings remain.

This information is from Eastern N. Carolina Architecture, by Catherine Bishir)

John Gray II and Jean Pateson:

Our connection here is Through John Gray II, (b.1662*) , and his wife Jean Pateson, (b.1667*) They had 4 sons, ( John Gray III, (b.1691*) d, 1750 - Bertie,co.,NC., Spouse: Ann Bryan (1697- Marr: Abt 1724 - Bertie,co., NC. ( Daniel Gray (b.1693*) Glasgow, Scotland, d., Rown, NC., ( William Gray, (b.1695*) Glasgow, Scotland and ( Robert Gray, (b.1704*) Glasgow, Scotland. We are descended from Daniel Gray) who went to Rowan, North Carlonia Jean's parents were James Pateson (1634-and Margaret Far 1634.

Daniel Gray was married to Annable Leech, there son Jonh Gray(b.1715*) (our dec.) married Margart Bogle. There son was James Gray(b.1740*) who married Elizabeth Black. James d. in Rowan, NC. in 1801. There son was David Gray Sr., (b.1765*) in Montromery, co., NC. David married Sara Kendall,(b.1769*) in NC. David died in 1827 in Henry, Co., Tennessee. There son was Rev. James Monroe Gray, (b.1788*) in Montgomery, co. NC. Burried at Gray's Landing, Stewart, co. Tenneesee. His son was Frazer Clifton Gray I, my G.G.Grandfather who was married to Mary Williams.

The Rose Field Cemetery This cemetery is located on a hill back of the old Gray Home;in Bertie county North Carlina out from Windsor.

Susanna Gray, daughter
of Colonel Jonh Gray

The founding of Windsor, North Carolina:

Grays landing was chosen for the site of Windsor because by the 1760's it had become the site of heavy shipping and water commerce. William Gray offered one hundred acres for the township. On January 8,1768 the assembly passed an act to create New Windsor on the Cashie River at Gray's Landing.

The history of Windsor & Bertie County. You may find this site intresting for information about the history of Windsor North Carolina and Berite county.

Rosefield Plantation, purchased by John Gray in 1729, Johns Brother William Gray was the founder of Windsor in Bertie county North Carolina.

Frazer Clifton Gray I

Marry E. williams Gray

Frances Louisa Gray, b.1858-d.1939 , a daughter of Frazer Clifton & Marry Gray

Frances is seated front & center. She married Tazewell C. Wells
b.1861, dl 1933 who was related to H.G. Wells.


Grave Stones form The Gray
Cementery in Stewart county Tenneesee. at Gray's Lnading.
Owner of picture Curtis & Sue Jackson

Lake side view of
the Grays Landing cementery.

The Gray Family Cemetery site in Henry county Tenneesee, shows a list of all the people buried there, and pictures of the cemetery.

Also the Gray Family Cemetery site in Stewart county Tenneesee, Grays Landing Cemetary, offers a lot of useful information.

Image and links are from Curtis and Sue Jacksons site Cemeteries of Henry county, Tennessee.

The first marker

With the Bible on top, ( this is a pillow and bible) is Rev.James Annaford Grays head stone.

The parents of James Gray are John Gray, b.1715 and Margaret Bogle, b.1722. James was born in 1740 and married Elizabeth Black, b.1743. There son was David Gray Sr. born in Montgomery Co., NC. He married Sarah Kendall b., 1761. There son was James Monroe Sr. Gray, b.1788. James Gray* had a brother Major Joseph Gray Sr.,b.Abt 1747 in Scotland and died 1850 in Stewart Co.,TN. This branch of the family became quite large This branch of the family were in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennesse and Louisiana. Dr. Robert Archibald Gray was a prominent member of this family. Born 11 Oct 1830 in Frankfort, Franklin Co., KY. His death was 25 Nov 1918 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA.

Dr. Robert
Archibald Gray.

Dr. Robert Archibald Gray, was the nephew of James Gray. Dr. Gray was a successful Shreveport physician, was born at Frankfort, Ky., Oct. 11, 1830; son of Joseph Gray ( Joseph and James were brothers), a native of Virginia. The father was a merchant in early life, but later became sergeant-at-arms of the house of representatives, Kentucky, and remained incumbent of this office about 30 years. The paternal grandfather was a native of Scotland. and had only 1 brother. Robert Archibald Gray, the son,obtained his academic education at B. B. Sayre's institute, Frankfort, and when this had been completed matriculated in the medical department of the University of Louisville (Ky.), from which he graduated in due time with the degree of M. D. in the class of 1853, this being in the spring of that year. During some months following his graduation he engaged in practice at his home city, Frankfort,Ky., but in the month of December of the same year in which he graduated from the medical college the young doctor came south and located at the city of Shreveport, La., where he has since been continually engaged in the practice of medicine.

Dr. Gray is at this time, it is said, decidedly the oldest physician in practice in North Louisiana. He served in the Confederate army throughout the Civil war as surgeon of Dreux's battalion, and has since served as a member of the hospital board of the city of Shreveport, as president of the board, in fact. He is a member of both the Louisiana State and Caddo Parish Medical societies and affiliates with the Presbyterian church. April 9, 1861, Dr. Gray was married to Miss Amanda Hollingsworth, who is a native of the state of Alabama. Two sons and 2 daughters have been born to Dr. and Mrs. Gray, these being: Robert H., a graduate of the Bellevue hospital, New York city, and now associated with his father in practice at Shreveport; De Graffenreid, engaged in the real estate business at Shreveport; Genevieve, now the wife of W. F. Taylor of Shreveport, and Herries, wife of Dr. G. C. Chanler of Shreveport.

Source: Louisiana: Comprising Sketches of Parishes, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form (volume 3), pp. 185-186. Edited by Alcée Fortier, Lit.D. Published in 1914, by Century Historical Association.

Source: Louisiana: Comprising Sketches of Parishes, Towns, Events, Institutions, and Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form (volume 3), pp. 185-186. Edited by Alcée Fortier, Lit.D.

Published in 1914, by Century Historical Association.

The infromation about Dr.Robert Archibald Gray came form Carlos and Myrtice Taylor Owens Related Families

David Gray Sr., 1765 - 1827 is burred in Henry co.,TN with his wife Sarah Kendall, 1769 - 1831. The father and mother of David Gray was James Gray and Elizabeth Black of Scotland, They are burred in North Carolina.

David Gray Sr.'s son, James Monroe, tomb stone is inscribed:"A Captain in the war of 1812, commanding a company at The Battle Of New Orleans, receiveing and honorable discharge. Also three others. As Tennessee Legislature for years. Served two years in the convention, joined the church in 1840, ordained as a minister of the gospel and served as moderator of the western district associtation a number of years. confirmed in the ministry until near his death."

The Battle of New Orleans.

Stewart Countians in the War of 1812

Using reference sources, as well as the material sent in by our researchers it is possible to have a fairly accurate listing of those Stewart Countians who saw action in this war. The following Stewart Countians are listed as having seen service in the War of 1812 by: McClain, Iris Hopkins, A History of Stewart County , Tennessee, c1965.

Battle of New Orleans January 1815 New Orleans Jackson's forces defeated British. 700 British killed, 1400 wounded. U.S. losses: 8 killed, 13 wounded

War of 1812 Lifted from Capt. James Gray's Company: A company formed in Stewart County by Captain James Gray, under Col. John Cook, in service from 13 Nov. 1814-10 May 1815 Cornelius Cooley, ensign (died 16 Feb. 1815) Capt. James Haggard Company: Company under Capt. James Haggard, enlisted 28 Jan. 1814, discharged 10 May 1814. Jonathan Cooley, trumpeter


Quite a few people were settled in the area by the War of 1812, making a militia organization for protection of the area necessary. By the end of 1814, people of the area were concerned about a potential British invasion from the lower end of the Mississippi River, and recruits were responding to take up defense of New Orleans. Thirty-six men from Stewart County signed up for a six- month tour of duty, marching south under the command of Major General John Coffee in October. In November, seventy-five flatboats loaded with Tennessee Militia passed Dover on their way to New Orleans. Stewart County's Captain James Gray served in the division of Colonel William Carroll in the battle. The resulting victory made General Andrew Jackson a hero among the people of the area.

Capton James Gray B.1788. ' James Monroe Gray'. He married Ann Bradford and was my G.G.G.Grandfather.James was the fahter of Andrew Jackson Gray,B.1826, married Rebecca Clementine. It is said that he admire General Andrew Jackson so much he named his son after him.

Great Grandfather
Frazer Clifton Gray II

My Great Grandfather Frazer Clifton was around 12 when the Civel War started. His father was 46, think how there lives changed. Carlos Owens has written a book about the family. 'Scarboroughs and Scarbroughs of Stewart County, Tennessee: a family history' By Carlos R Owens I read a passage form it and it reads, during the civil war the Scarborough's ( my Great Grandmothers family ) said they needed there horses to badely than to eat them. So one man tried to steal a union horse, he got cought and was hung, need I say more!

The information below is taken form Goodspeeds History of Tennessee Biography of noted citizens in Stewart,county We have Andrew Jackson Gray my G.G.G.Grandfather Frazer Clifton Gray Jr. my great grandfather and David Crockett.

Andrew Jackson Gray

Who was born in 1826 in Stewart County, is the son of James Monroe Gray and Anna Bradford. Both parents were natives of North Carolina, and when young came to this county. By trade the father was a hatter and in connection with his trade ran a large farm. Besides he was a man of public note, having been commandant of a frontier fort, captain of a company at the battle of New Orleans, magistrate, one of the framers of the constitution of Tennessee, and representative in the State Assembly for nine years. For twenty-five years he, as a minister in the Free-Will Baptist Church, proclaimed the truth of the gospel. During the late war he was three times hanged and then bound to a board, laid before a fire, and roasted till the flesh dropped from his feet, in order to extort from him the whereabouts of his money, but all to no purpose, the guerrilla band left without its spoil.

The home of judge James Monroe Scarborough III
owner of picture Carlos Owens

Image from Carlos Owens Related Families

Both he and his wife lived to an advanced age, he being seventy-nine when he died and she sixty-nine. Andrew's ancestors on his father's side were of Scottish and English descent, being descendants of the family to which Lady Jane Gray belonged; on his mother's side he inherits Welsh and German blood. At the age of fifteen Andrew took charge of his father's farm and later bought and shipped produce to New Orleans. In 1862 he went to fight his country's battles and after three years of faithful service he surrendered at Gainesville, Ala. In 1872, he married Rebecca Clementine Campbell by whom he had six children.Mr. Gray is a staunch Democrat, as was also his father, and a member of the Christian Church. He owns some 2,300 acres of land and is accounted one of the stanch citizens of Stewart County.

From Goodspeeds, A history of Stewart county Tenneesse.

Great Grandmother
Codelia Scarborough Gray

My Grandmother Guilia McClure Gray

Cordelia 'Corde' Scarbourough

Was Frazier Clifton I. first wife and my Grandfather Grays mother, Granddaddy loved his mother dearley. He use to say I had a Scarborough chin. They married on December 16, 1875, they had four sons, Robert Henry, James, Paul, & John William. Cordelia passed away April 25, 1887 in the Hopewell neighborhood out from paris, Tn. at 38 years of age.She was a well liked and a highly respected Christian lady.

Frasier C. Gray II, a farmer of Stewart County, was born to Frazer Clifton and Mary E. (Williams) Gray I. Both father and mother were natives of this state, the former of Stewart County, the latter of Henry. Some time after marriage they located in the latter county, where they spent the remainder of their lives, chiefly in agricultural pursuits. For many years he preached the doctrine of the Missionary Baptist Church. He aslo carried on blacksmithing and merchandising to a limited extent. After an active and useful life of sixty-six years he passed from among the living. His widow still lives. Frazer is a native of Henry County, born in 1849.

He was raised on the farm and acquired a common school education. Having farmed for some time he dealt in manufactured tobacco, and he clerked in his father's store. He was married, in 1876, to Cordie Scarborough. To this union four children were born, all boys. Soon after marriage they settled on the farm where they now live. Both husband and wife are communicants of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Gray was a Democrat as was also his father. For some four terms Mr. Gray taught school, though he is now a well- established thrifty farmer. On January 1, 1888 Frazer Clifton II married Alva Frances Scarborough, they had a daughter named Ruby May Gray.

Great Step Grandmother
Alva Scarborough Gray

Another great place for information about this is the Stewart county Tennessee Geneology. site.

Otelia Stit McClure with her sisters
Otelia is on the front right. Otelia is Guilia's mother.

My Grandfather Robert Henry Gray

The Grays came from England and Scotland and the Parks England in the early 1700's the Parks started in Hopewell, Hunterdon, New Jersey, when they first landed, then to Virginia, then North Carlina and to Union City Tennessee, obion,co. For some reason in 1726 they droped the e and went by Park. The children of John Parke and Mary Davis all were given the name Park starting with Samuel Park, b. 1726, Hunterdon, New Jersey they had eleven 11 children.

My mothers father Leon Lewis Park marred Callie Fitzgerald, grand momma was a young widow. She was very beautiful, I should have a picture of her in the update of the site. She was a great cook and could make the best hot chocolate in the world! Her father was of Cherokee heritage his name was Skylark.

To my knowledge they never really knew each other until my parents meet at an artesian well in Coffeeville, Mississippi. My grand father Gray had a stave mill across the road where my mothers sister lived. Dad worked at the mill and would go over to there well and get water, this is how Dad and momma met. Both families were form Tennessee, my mothers form Union city and my fathers form Paris. Both grandfather's moved to Mississippi about the same time and relocated. My Grandfather Park bought about 400 acres close to Big Creek, Mississippi and farmed, this was colse to Calhoun county. The Parks were more merchants and educators, the Grays were merchants, farmers, statesman and in the ministry.

John William Gray, b.1852-d.1915,
a son of Frazer Clifton I
The father of Frazer Clifton III.

Ellen Caroline Scarborough,
the wife of John William Gray. b1860-d1930.

A gentlemen once brought it to my attention that Park is not a common name, he was a Park, I don't think he was related but he sure did favor, looked like he fit right in the family.

Frazer Clifton Gray III
was in the Marine Corps
and made his home in CA.

Verle Clifton Gray, 1915-1993
was a daughter of
Ftazer Clifton Gray III
she was an excellant pianist.

Robert Bruce Gray, 1883-1952
was a son of
John William Gray
my grandfather use to say
we were related to Robert Bruce.

I have done the DNA Family Tree and have found several matches. There is a perfect match and we have communicated via email. We have compared note and they all match and know how we are related his G.G.Grnadfather 'James Monroe Gray II' and my G.G,Grandfather Frazer Clifton Gray were brothers. This is really interesting to me because I dont have any Gray cousin form our branch of the tree, it is just me and my sisters and I am the last male with no children. So our branch is dieing, I like to think the tree is still sound, I don't know since I have not had any contact with other Gray family member's until now, So that is exciting yet I don't pressure others because I respect there privacy. Through my experiences I have come to believe in some type of destiny to a degree. Yes I know we can plan, build and grow empires but every thing runs it course, so one can only do so much! My Grandfather Gray use to say " by the time a man knows waht life is all about he is to old to do any thing about it."

Guilia McClure Gray

The picture above Shows my Grandmother Gray with there first born John Arthur, her mother Otelia Stit McClure and her Grandmother Marget Murphy. Arthur died of phenomena at around 3 years of age. They say he was a really smart child, while he was sick he asked if "there were telephones in heaven so he could call his mother."

I have come to fell the same way as my Grandfather, maby I am like him. Going back to how I feel I say the same thing,"by the time a man knows what life is all about he is to old to do any thing about it," but I add, I need a good 400 healthey years."

I would like to add Granddaddy Gray accomplished a lot in his life. He was in the Spanish American War under Roosevelt, he went through the Great flood of 1927, when he was a boy the south was coming out of the Civil War. I don't know if you realize it but his Grandfather and father both were a part of that war, he went through the Great Depression. Hhe was almost burred alive, when he was a young man. He use to sleep with a pistil under his pillow, during a thunder storm the pistil was struck by lightning. It was thouhgt he was dead, I am sure a doctor was summonsed. They were going to burry him the next day and a friend was sitting by him and rubbing his hand and granddaddy came to.

He also has burred 3 of his children, the first born Arther age 3, his daughter Beth, they say she took her life, she was 36. I don't believe that she did this , she was a very devout christen; a well educated woman,she was a high school teacher and taught French and Latin. Her life was about helping, my father had trouble in school and he use to say Beth was the only person who tried to help him with his school work.

Beth Gray

Virginia Elizabeth ( Beth ) Gray taught Latin and French and was loved by every one. Daddy told me Beth was the only one who tried to help him when he had trouble with school work!

Then Grandaddy lost his oldest son Robert Henry II in world war II. He was in the Navy, his first ship was the U.S.S Saratoga then he was assigned to the U.S.S Sicard (DM21), he was a Chelf Gunners Mate According to the report the Sicard was on a secret mission in company with several others when during the morning a severe wind spung up at about 5 PM it reached a maxium at 5:15 an unusually large roll of the ship caused Robert to lose his balance and he fell down violently with anoter man at the same station. He slid between the life line and into the water. Two life buoys were extended and the ships searched for him for an hour and twenty minutes.

Letter from the Navy.

The USS Sicard

My grandmother never turned off her front porch light and never locked the front door she use to say she did that because she did not think he was dead and she expected him to walk through the door just any day. I think Roberts death really hurt grandday because Robert was so smart and I fell that he had thought they would become bussiness parteners and expand, I have read a letter written by Robert while he was in the Navy telling Grandaddy that he was planing to acquire some land joining his in the delta expanding the farming west, if they had done that it would have gone to the river banks.

Robert Henry Gray II

I was named for my uncle.

My father was not a materilest, I am mcuh the same way he was just a good, hard working man, he was always helping others! One incident I shall never forget involved a little black woman named Mary. You would find Mary in downtown coffeeville just about every Saturday pulling her little red wagon selling soap. Mary lived in a little cabin that sat on an embankment by a creek, one night some boys decided to play a prink on her and pushed her house into the creek. Daddy learned of this, he took his John Deer tractor and pulled Marys house out of the creek, he set it back up for her. He told me he had a good talk with those boys; people respected dad!

Robert Henry Gray I

This picture shows my Granddaddy Gray on the left with his bird dog. On the right Dennis Murphree, Governor of Mississippi 1927 & 1942, Lt. Gov.1923 & 1939.

Frazer Clifton Gray II with his family, my
Grandfather Gray Robert Henry is on the left by his father.
Alvia Scarbourgh Gray Frazer Cliftons
second wife, there daughter Ruby Nell.

Have a look at the Complete Ancestry page for more information, going back to 1004.

I have always felt that we have realitaves in Australia. Not long ago I made this discovery; In 1855 Jonh Bogle Gray the son of Robert Bogle Gray and the grandson of John and Margaret Bogle Gray emigrated form Scotland to Australia on the British Trident. There first child Robert Niven Gray was born 1855 at the Mt. Blackwoodk-Ballan gold field the following November. John was married to Elizabeth Glen aged 17, they had twelve 12 children.

1. Robert Niven Gray 1855 - 1896 aged 40 died at Castlemaine Hosp 2. Janet Rogers Gray 1857 3. Margaret Eleanor Gray 1859 4. Elizabeth Gray 1862 5. John Bogle Gray 1864 6. William Gray 1866 7. Lydia Deearing Gray 1868 8. Ellen Jane Gray 1871 9. Alice Mary Gray 1873 10. Alexander Gray 1875 11. Charles James Gray 1877 12. Florence Mabel Gray 1882

John and Margaret Bogle Gray are my Grand Parents form generation 26th.

Daldowie: The Bogle family home out form form Glasgow,

My sister's and I know the history of both the Parks and Grays, this is how we know there inner actions through the years. It is a story unto itself, and the two families had alot in common, I kind of believe in destinay and fate for more reasons than one!

............... The Park Family ~

Leon Lewis Park.

I dont know if the two familys evry knew each other, I know how my dad and mom met. my grand father Gray owned 4 stave mills, one was arcross the road from where my mothers sisters house was they had an artesion well, every one who knows water knows artesion water is the best and it if cold in the summer. Dad use go over to this well and get water so this is where my parents met was at the well.

Great Grand Parents, Annie Elizabeth Royall Park
and John Sloan Park
Married Sept. 1855 in Carrollton, Mississippi.

An interesting note is we are related to David Crockett on my mothers side. Jennet Crockett marred John Park in Nov.1797 What is interesting Paris Tennessee and Henry county was the stomping grounds for the Crockets as well as the Grays!

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Ethel Sloan Park
and her husband Dr.James Perkins
ran a preparatory school, Prosso, in Kansas City, Missouri,
and later in Houston, Texas, where Ethel taught Latin and classics.

David Crockett

Charles W. Crockett

Grandson of David and youngest son of John W. (of Tennessee) and Martha T. (Hamilton) Crockett, was born in 1849 in New Orleans. His parents were natives of this state, where the early part of their lives was spent. In their family were fourteen children- eight sons and six daughters. Of the boys only two live: Robert H., senator in the Arkansas Legislature, and Charles. Both father and mother occupied leading positions in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

As a lawyer John W. had few superiors in the State, and the positions he held say much for his varied ability. For two terms he represented the western district of Tennessee in Congress, being the same as represented by his father David. He held the position of superintendent of the construction of public buildings in New Orleans for several years, in which city he spent his winters, and during the summer he resided in Memphis.

While on business at the former city he sickened, and soon after his return home died in the full strength of manhood. At one time he had been in good financial circumstances, but through liberality in endorsing for others in distress, he became involved. Politically he was a Whig.

He was a man of fine address and superior accomplishments, the result of his own efforts. In 1861, the mother, having moved to Arkansas, also passed from among the living. Charles inherits Irish blood from his paternal ancestry and Scotch from his maternal. When a boy our subject received but little schooling, and at the age of seventeen left home to learn the printer's trade in the old Gazette office in Little Rock, Ark., and having worked as compositor, local editor, etc. until 1873, he returned to Paris, Tenn., the old stamping-ground of the Crockett family.

There he employed himself in journalism, and finally in connection with A. G. Trevathan, became proprietor of the Paris Gazette. In 1877 he removed his field of activity to Dover, bought the Record, changed its name to Dover Courier, and has run it in the interest of the people of Stewart County since. The same year he married Mary E. Foster, by whom he had four children. Mrs. Crockett is a member of the Christian Church.

Mr. Crockett, like his father and grandfather, has not escaped public notice, having held the offices, respectively, of magistrate, sergeant-at-arms of te Tennessee House of Representatives, chairman of the county court, assistant clerk of the House of Representatives, and United States Circuit Court Commissioner. The positions he has held indicate his standing in the minds of the people of Stewart County.

The really interesing thing is these two familys the Grays and Parks. interacted and lived and traveled in the same areas for years. My sister and I have come to realize by studying the history of both familys, they had a lot in common.

The Head Stone of my Great Grandfather
John Sloan Park
Antioch cemetery
Union City,Tenn,

This is a copy of a letter written by John Sloan Park during the Civil War,

dated April 24, 1862. This letter was written for Archy Garrison to Archy's wife and realitave of John's, Phoebe Crockett.

Copy of a letter that Mrs.Ethie Boston has in her possession written during the Civil War. This letter was written about her grandfather, Archibald C.Garrison who died of the fever. Corinth, Miss. April the 24, 1862 Mrs. A. C. Garrison Obion. Co.

Dear Cousin, not that I wish to add sorrow to sorrow, or grief to grief, that I pen you these few imperfect lines, but feeling it a duty, that I should not shrink from is my apology' . for writing to you, as I may never be permitted to see you and tell you the things that I know you would be glad to hear from me, as I was with your Dear Husband in his last spell of 'sickness that ended his sufferings here on earth, he was sick with the fever 9 days though he had not been well.for about a month before then as well as I recollect, he has often told me that he believed that he were takin,the breast complaint. but I could not get him to go to the doctor as he would not give·up that he was sick as long as he could go.

When he took the fever it was his request that I should wait on him, which I did from the first untill the last on the 4th day after he were taken sick they made arrangements to send him to the hospital in Macon in this state, I was to go with him.The doctor said that he was too low to go so far, the next morning they gave me liberty to find a house to take him to. I found one in little time not more than a mile from camp. I would have had him there as soon as he got sick but the doctors said that they were going to send him to the hospital.Archy lived nine days after be took the fever.

The 3rd day he talked some about dying he said that he did hope and trust that he would have an easy time of it as he did not want to dye hard like some folks did. I soon talked him out of the notion as I did not cosider him dangerous then, I tried to keep you and Uncle Ben posted abot him all the time but the chances were very bad. Archy never said a word to me about writing to you or any of his people as well as I recollect he was out of his right mind as much as 4 hours a day &. night after I took him to the house he took an ague at nine o'clock which lasted an hour and then a fever which lasted an other hour. In less than 3 hours he had another shake. It was very light with a very light fever. The doctor thought that it was caused by changing beds. The next morning he appeared to be a great deal better in fact all day and the fore part of that night he .had a very good appetite that day and rested finely.

Then I were in greater hopes than ever a sort time after dark. He said, oh John, this life is sweet sweet indeed and hard to part with it but it is nothing to compare with where I am going. I tried to convince him that he was not in his right mind but he soon convinced me that he knew what he were saying. He talked to me for about one hour about you and his people. Mostly I wish that I could write what he said but my memory fails me. He had only one request to make of you and that was (that you must see that no body ever abuses his children during your life time .or theirs. Though' he wanted them corrected plenty when they needed it) the rest that he said about you were not a request, he said that he would be glad if he could take you along w1th him but as things were otherwie ordered he wanted you to do the best that you could for yourself and in all things do to please yourself that he hoped you would have plenty while you lived and after your race were run on earth you must meet him where parting were no more.

To teach his children how to live a pious and Godly life he talked of going before most of his brothers & sisters but he felt sure of them all following on after he told me things to tell all of his Brothers and sisters, Brotherinlaws &. sisterinlaws as well as I now recollect before he said anything about his Father and Mother. When he spoke of them he filled up so that it affected me so much that I cannot say what all he said as soon as we got over crying he said, John you will see them all and you know what I want you to tell them for me and you can tell Father and Mother as well as I could how I died. Archy lived 3 days and nights after this, but he sank all the time he died as easy as ever a man went to sleep as there were 3 men in the room and they did not know that he had quit breathing until I told them and they were standing over him looking at him.

Now cousin I have wrote what I felt it my duty to write through the best of feelings and motives and should I ever live to' get back there or where you are, I will take great pleasure in telling you anything else that is in my power to tell you or any of Archy friends. should you wish to hear any or if you meet with a chance to send me a letter and tnere 1s anything that you wish to knew, I will -answer your letter promptly and faithfully and should there be anything do not be backward in letting me know it if you meet with a chance or should any of hIs people wish to know any more they must let me know also.

Archy began to dye on Saturday at 11 o'clock in the morning and did not quit breathing until Sunday, the 6th of A pril morning at 1/2 past 9 o'clock about an hour before he died I was giving him some water and he caught hold of my hend and held it hard for some time and rubbed my whiskers with his other and looked strait at me with a smile on his face. He did not try to speak after he began to dye that I ever noticed. You are knowing to my reasons for not staying with him until I got him home safe it was from reports that I heard after I left Robt. though I have learned since that I would not have been in much danger. I would have come on with him if I would thought it safe as I wanted to see you all very much. I wrote a few lines to Robt. which I hope he got. Not knowing I do not know what to say to him· tell him to write to me as I want to hear from him and all my friends up there.

Now accept the best wishes (in this your hours and days of trouble) from your humble.

Friend & Relative

John S. Park

Mrs. Ethle Boston told me today that her grandfather Arcny Garrison was a brother to the Robert mentioned in the letter and also that his sister was Susiee Garrison Reeves (Mrs. Fenner (Louis"e Adams Heathcock"s grandmother. Archy's father was Benny Garrison and his second marriage was to .Phoebe Crockett (Mrs.Emma Caaldwell's grandmother grandmotber--Theres Bramham's great-grandmother) Mr. Jonn Sloan Park (writer of letter) use,to live on other side of old Fremont. He had a daughter· Threlkeld

copied by Betty Burdick Wood 6-5-1962

The Head Stone of Annie Bradford
the wife of Dr.H.L.Park,1858-1925
East View cemetery
Union City,Tenn,

My Great,Great,Great Grandmother Gray was Anna Bradford, married to James Monroe Gray. I am anxious to see if these two Bradfords were related. I love the Bradford famly!

Owner of picture Curtis & Sue Jackson

Henry Bradford

Thomas Bradford was David Bradford's father, David was Annia Bradford Gray's father.

The Will of Thomas Bradford

Granville County, NC March 22, 1785 Notes: Words and phrases identified like this? in my transcription below signify my best guess

In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Bradford of Granvil County of the State of North Carolina being weakin Body but of perfect mind & Memory do make appoint & Ordain this my last will & Testament that is to say first & principally give & Recommend my Soul into the hand of Almighty God who at fIrst gave it me & my body to the Earth to be buried at the Discretion of my Executor here after named & as for such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life my just debt & funeral charges being fIrst paid I Give & Dispose of in manner & form following - Item I Lend to my Daughter Elisabeth Prewit an Negro Girl named Bettv During her Natural life & after her Death She & her Increase to be Equally Divided amongst all her Children Also one cow & calf to them & their heirs forever Item I give to my Daughter Mary Lovet fifty pounds? ? to her & her heirs forever Item I give to my Son Phillemon Bradford one Negro Man Named Bass likewise two parts out? of sale? of a Negro woman named Han one part being given me & the other bought of Phillemon While which he is to have after the Death of Sarah Pruett? Also half my Mill & the other half to my Son David Bradford to be halved? Between them to him & his heirs forever Item I Lend to my Beloved & Lawfull Wife Mary Bradford one hundred & Seventy Eight Acres of Land be the Same? more Or less Being the Land that formerly belonged to James & Charles Heflen? During her Natural life Also one Negro Girl Named Jenny three Cows & Calves one featherbed & furniture one Iron pot Six plates & my Chest & my black Mare Two Dishes & one bason & two Sows & Thirteen Shotes that? ? on Quicksand Item I give to my Son Thomas Bradford one Negro boy Named Demps? & one hundred & Seventy Eight Acres of Land that I lent to my Wife after her Death to him & his heirs foreverItem I give to my Son David Bradford one Negro Girl named Jenny after the Death of his Mother likewise four hundred Fifty acres of Land Including the plantation Where in I now? ? To the East Side for Compliment Adjoining David Bradford & John Bradford & joining his Brother Phi1lemon Bradford's home to Include his Compliment Two Cows & Calves Two Sows & pigs five head of Sheep one featherbed & furniture one Iron pot to him & his heirs forever. Item I give to my son Ephraim Bradford four hundred & Eighteen acres of Land Joining My Son Phillemon Bradford & my Brother Richard Bradford? ? for Compliment Likewise four hundred acres of Land I purchased of Edward More on the South Side of the Adkin & Lying on Rials? Creek three head of Cattle five head of sheep one featherbed & furniture one Iron pot Two Sows & piggs & one Negro Woman named Aggy & her Increase to him & his heirs forever Item I give to my Son Benjamin four hundred & fIfty acres of Land being the place where he formerly Lived including the Chappal adjoining Lewis? Taylors line & Jeremiah Blalocks & Joining Quicksand Creek for Compliment one Negro Boy Named Peter to him & his heirs forever Item I give t9 my Daughter Sealey? Bradford one featherbed & furniture one Iron pot one Negro Girl Named Milley five Cattle & one bay horse I lately purchased of Edward More & my Chest after the death of her Mother to her & heirs forever Item I Give to my Daughter Sarah Bradford one Negro Girl named Anne one featherbed & furniture five head of Cattle four head of Sheep one Desk one Iron pot After the Death of her mother Likewise one Sorrel? ? to her & her heirs forever my Will & Desire is that the Remainder of my Estate not given Be Sold & Equally Divided amongst all my Children my will & Desire is that if Any of my Children should die with it? Lawfull Issue their part of my Estate to be Equally Divided amongst my surviving children I appoint my Beloved & Lawfull Wife Mary Bradford & my Son Phi1limon Bradford whole Executor & Executrix of this my Last Will & Testament hereby Revoking & Disanulling all other Will, heretofore made appoint this only to be ? ? my last will Inwitness hereunto I have Set my hand & Seal this Twenty Second? Day of March one thousand seven hundred & Eighty Five Test Simon qement??? Jhos Bradford {seal} (JuratMary??? ?M Clement?) Benjamin Morgan Jurat Phi1limon Bradford whole Executor & Executrix of this my Last Will & Testament hereby Revoking & Disanulling all other Will, heretofore made appoint this only to be ? ? my last will Inwitness hereunto I have Set my hand & Seal this Twenty Second? Day of March one thousand seven hundred & Eighty Five Test Simon Cement??? Thos Bradford {seal} (JuratMary??? M Clement?) Benjamin Morgan Jurat aboutblaok mother of John and David, but not of the other five children; there is a thirteen-year span oftime between child numbers 5 and 6. David T. Bradford suggests that Philemon was married in VIrginia to a woman named BIRD or BYRD. He further says that other researchers believe that the second wife was Mary PARKER, daughter of Johathan and Ann (COPELAND) PARKER. Providing possible support for that thesis is the fact that two ofthe witnesses to Philemon's will were Joseph and Mary PARKER. An abstract of Philemon's will: Dated 25 Aug 1769 and proven Jan 1770 in Granville Co., NC court: "After debts and funeral expenses, Philemon left five pounds each to his daughters Elizabeth HUDSPETH and Mary WHITE, and to his sons Thomas and Richard. To his wife, Mary, he left the plantation where I live, four male and three female slaves, and all stock and household goods until she either died or remarried. To his son John he left all that track of land I purchased of my son Thomas on each side of Fort Creek containing fore hundred acres more or less as well as, at his mother's death, three named slaves, all cattle he was keeping at William Parna1s, three cows and calves, six sows and pigs, two beds and furniture -- all of which was to be divided among Philemon's Qther children if John died childless. Philemon's son David was to inherit, on his mother's death, the 400 acres whereon I live, which was described as being on Poplar Branch, and another thirty acres Philemon had purchased from his son Thomas, along with four slaves, six cows and calves, two beds and furniture -- all of which was to be divided among David's siblings if that son died childless." Witnesses: Joseph and Mary PARKER, James HEFLIN, and Christopher P ARNAL. Proven in open court upon the oaths of Joseph PARKER and James HEFLIN, with wife Mary as executrix and his son Thomas as executor. Note that the two youngest sons, who were about 18 and 15 years old were to receive the bulk of the estate. Four of the olderchildren received token legacies, and son Philemon, JT. is not mentioned at all, even though he was living in Granville county at the time. CIT. THE BRADFORDs OF CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1994, David T. Bradford PHILEMON BRADFORD DOCUMENTATION, 1994, LaVere Peters (ANCESTOR.BRAD-PHl.WPS) PHILEMON BRADFORD CHILDREN, 1994, LaVere Peters (ANCESTOR.AUNTUNCL.BRADCH.WPS)

James Park,1785-1866, brother of John Park 1774-1862
Son's of Moses Park and May Hill.
We are descended form John Park.