Welcome to my site, I am updateing now so please don't forget to use your refresh or reload button on your browser. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. This site is not just about me and my family I have included many good links where one can learn much; it is like a trip back in time. Every thing is connected and this was my thinking as I bulit this!

I grew up on farms in the hills of Mississippi and the delta. Mississippi has three distinct regions, there for our culture is regional. The hills, delta and coast each differant, many people do not realize this. I am a mix of the hills and delta; and have traveled over all of the south, south west and the east coast via Florida. The farthest north I have been is into Missouri. I had a chance once to travel to upper state New York but did not do that, looking back I wish that I had. My favorite cities are Memphis and New Orleans and I love rivers especially the Mississippi! I have thought if I could I would like to have homes in New Orleans and Memphis and travel back an forth in a cabin cruiser on the Mississippi River! Just taking my time with good company, dog include, cigars and wine! On this site I'd like to give some information about:


Early Years
I grew up in the Mississippi delta, An area rich in history and culture, a mysterious place, there are many myths that circulate about the delta. You will find information about my early life on this page.
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Honey Bees. My father used to keep them as a hobby, I will tell you about bees. With out bees we would not have the Rain Forest!
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Barbering, the cutting of hair. The Profession of Barbering, this is my chosen occupation, an old profession with a very interesting and colorful history, yet in America it is a dying profession!
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My Pets
I grew up with pets: cats, dogs and hunting dogs. I think cats and dogs are an important part of our life, to the point of being one with humanity.
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My Roots
My roots are in Scotland, a land rich in cultue and heritage. On this page you will find informatin about my grandfather and what I call the old famly.
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My Complete Ancestry
My compleat Ancestry going back 34 generations, through France, England, Scotland and the Unites States.
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Picture Gallery
A collection of interesting pictures that didn't fit in any of the other categories..
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This site is designed to grow. It is about thoughts and ideas that are not common knowledge.